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Dr. Beck feels that an epidemic of unhealthy environment and lifestyle is sucking the soul out of living life. Particularly due to massive amounts of conflicting information from misguided commercial sources and misrepresentations of what “science” says. But now there is an opportunity for you to make powerful changes in your life. It comes from one voice and one mind that tells us we can truly bolster up our lifestyle, eat real food, exercise and rest ourselves into radiant health without giving up the joy and fun of living.

The problem is that we are up against the current model of health care that is excellent in crisis care such as when someone can not breath, has a heart attack, or breaks a bone. In these types of acute cases its marvelous in using its toolbox. However, that system of health care fails miserably in preventing and treating chronic disease such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancer, allergies, fatigue or obesity. It simply offers nothing to get and keep you healthy. What Dr. Beck is here to do is inform the world that we have the know how to go far beyond our crisis care model.

Since the early 90’s there has been a virtual avalanche in information and studies that are rock solid, eye popping and mind bending proof telling us loud and clear that the majority of chronic illnesses that plaque us today are largely preventable. Unfortunately, this presents a huge problem that creates profound noise and confusion. This is because what is missing is the CONTEXT that is specific to YOU. Dr. Beck knows that there are no two individuals that are alike and its not enough to tell patients don’t eat this or don’t eat that. Whereas, you have to understand their unique story and history, teach them, explain why and substantiate every strategy with the backing of proper and expansive laboratory assessments. Then comes the art of sharing that range of science in terms they can understand. That is what people can use and internalize which keeps them compliant and motivated. This is largely centered on the science of Epigenetics, Individualized nutrition and functional laboratory testing, which allows the best science to be applied specifically to the very unique YOU!

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About Dr. Beck

Dr. Anthony G. Beck is dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge that identifies and addresses the root causes of illness through a groundbreaking whole-system medicine approach called Balance Protocol which allows you to understand how your own unique biochemistry holds the keys to moving you to ultimate wellbeing.

Dr. Beck believes that you are the one and only person who is in control of your health and wellbeing. He believes that you have a biochemical individuality and genetic uniqueness that sets you apart from every other human being and only by embracing yourself as a category of one will you be able to rid yourself of what is preventing you from living a life full of vitality.

Context Cubed

Balance Protocol 21 hours ago

Context ~ Context ~ Context

You know you have heard the cliché used by property experts that the three most important factors in determining the value of a property are “location, location, location”.

When you find yourself desiring to know more about why you are experiencing any health complaint or wanting to figure out what must be done in order to achieve higher levels of performance….you too must understand the three most important factors determining you!


Through the tenets of Balance Protocol…we DO NOT TREAT… “diseases”…nor do we treat “symptoms”.

Trying to chase some assumed named disease or some diagnosis will always send you down a path to nowhere. This is because even though you may have been told you “have…xyz”….that gives virtually no insight into how you arrived at that disease nor does it give the CONTEXT as to WHY you developed “it” in the first place. 

The bold truth is that the vast majority of “symptoms” are not singularly particular to just one or two “diseases”. 

Virtually all symptoms are shared across all sorts of diseases and health complaints. 

For example….”FATIGUE”. The ICD-10 code or “diagnosis code” that clinicians label that term “Fatigue” on your medical record and submit on an insurance claim is….”R53.83”

How in the world does that combination of digits as your diagnosis reveal anything about how YOUR “fatigue” is being created at its root cause?…..It doesn’t!

Is it because you have a B12 deficiency?...a B6 deficiency?...a Magnesium deficiency?…a Zinc deficiency?...a bacterial infection?…a fungal infection?…a viral infection?…a food intolerance?…excess body voltage?… a toxic EMF environment OR….maybe multiple of those all at once?

Do you see the point?…to understand the CONTEXT of WHY…YOU….are experiencing “Fatigue”….is highly contextual. Period. 

So, this also reveals why all those “influencers”, “bloggers”, “biohackers”, and/or random folks in those Facebook groups who tell you to “take xyz”… “for”… “fatigue”….are absolutely sources of noise and confusion. 

No one has a “Caffeine deficiency”… just like no one has a “cocaine deficiency”. So taking some drug or supplement is not the fix for fatigue. You MUST get to the bottom of WHY…YOU…are experiencing “Fatigue”.

That insight comes from your unique case history and from proper evaluation of your systems biology from an array of laboratory assessments and just one. 

And whatever you do….don’t think that those “niché-pickers” out there who say things like… “Oh…it’s your gut” or “it’s your microbiome”…fool you with that pervasive assumption. They KNOW NOTHING of…YOU! They tell everyone they “have fatigue” because of “leaky gut” and then proceed to sell you some dietary supplements as the fix. And those who supposedly do some “test” on just one system will never get the CONTEXT of all those possible factors like I mentioned above. 

That approach is reckless and shameful but it is all too common and is the behavior of the vast majority of those you see out there in the info-space. 

Take an opportunity to learn more about this and so many other tenets and principles of the clinically powerful approach known as BALANCE PROTOCOL!

Simply follow this link below and enroll in the FREE online training program “Balance Protocol PRIME” and begin your journey to finally getting the CONTEXT you need to Live Life In Balance!

Q Square M Square

Balance Protocol Wed Oct 14th, 2020

If you are looking to improve performance, resolve a chronic condition….you need DATA!

Without proper clinical insight that comes from proper laboratory assessments, you are simply driving with reckless abandon.

Quite frankly…this missing insight into what makes you unique is why so many fall for all the dietary supplement sales. All those health gurus out there make a living off of telling you what your problem is without even knowing a damn thing about YOU!

You know these I am talking about….all those who say…gluten is bad, then another who says dairy is bad, then the other who say meat is root of all evil, and those that say a “Keto” diet is the cure all, and then you have those that say it’s all about “the gut” and you should eat a ton of fermented foods.

Once they get you to buy into the narrative of what their “niché” is about…they of course proceed to sell you the fix…a dietary supplement they had some random company make and slapped their name on.

Every diet and every product that may have the ability to help some…can in fact….HARM a great many others! I have seen this play out countless times in my professional career of 27 years.

So what is the take home here?

You must avoid doing things and taking things that you have no established and confirmed basis for. Stop living vicariously through others! Make it ALL ABOUT YOU!

How in the world are you going to justify such an approach when you are absent any measure of determining IF something is right for you? How do you know when it is right to actually discontinue or stop doing that strategy? Many are not aware that something that can be helpful as a short term approach can turn ugly and actually cost you dearly if you continue too long. But how would you know?

Here is the principle of Balance Protocol that teaches you this powerfully protective concept…

Qualify ~ Quantify ~ Measure ~ Monitor

If you are ever going to prevent disease, resolve a health complaint or increase performance….you MUST apply this principle of Balance Protocol!

To properly do so requires understanding your unique history, current status and backed by proper laboratory work up across multiple systems biology. You can not just do a few “blood work” or some “muscle testing” or some electrical machine you put your finger or hand on like you see the charlatans trying to promote.

Then…if you start on some strategies that are backed by proper laboratory assessments…you must repeat those labs and determine how your body is responding.

You Are A Category of ONE

Balance Protocol Wed Oct 14th, 2020

The most vital understanding above all else is that you are unlike anyone else! Though many of us share similarities, we all come by our own make up and status in different ways. You should not live vicariously through others nor assume what they do will work for you.

Not realizing this is what makes it hard for someone who is trying to improve their health to sift through all of the information online to find what is true for them. It is the principle reason why so many are mired in the noise and confusion of the info-space and left spinning their wheels for years.

The simple fact is if your strategies and approach are not being personalized to the "4 Factors" of Balance Protocol, (your unique biochemistry, lifestyle, diet, and environment), then you might as well be throwing darts at a wall and hoping something sticks.

I have created a FREE online training program to help you learn more about this principle and how to obtain the freedom that Balance Protocol affords….simply follow the link below and enroll at no cost!

Why Supplements Are Hurting You

Balance Protocol Wed Aug 19th, 2020

Why Supplements are hurting because you are making some very fundemental mistakes in assumptions, taking advice from others who have zero context of your unique biochemisty status and failure to use objective data that can only come from proper laboratory assessments. ...

The Greater Problem of Sex Trafficking

Balance Protocol Sat Aug 8th, 2020

The greater problem to our nations health above this current scamdemic is sex trafficking. The left is at the center of it and openly promotes it. This is a call to all parents to increase your situational awareness and be more vigilant. ...

The Last COVID Video

Balance Protocol Fri Jul 3rd, 2020

Let's recap the History~Data~Precedent as well as review solid science to prove once and for all that COVID-19 Is the most successful global psychological operation ever perpetuated in human history. ...

True Face Of Racism ~ Let's Explore The Data

Balance Protocol Sat Jun 6th, 2020

Right now our nation is in the grips of yet another tragic lie. Radical socialist leftism strikes again by dishing up more vile racist propaganda designed to divide and concur. The health of our lives and nation can only be protected by those who will not fall for the false narratives and who are willing to speak out against evil narratives. History, Data & Precedent is on our side. ...

Dropping Hammer ~ Virtue Signaling, Racism & BLM

Balance Protocol Wed Jun 3rd, 2020

So many are being dooped into the BLM propaganda and unknowingly perpetrating racism and anarchy. Do your research! Know what you are getting behind BEFORE you knee jerk into aligning with something you though was of good report. ...

Identity Politics, Racism & Solutions

Balance Protocol Tue Jun 2nd, 2020

Groupthink, patronizing and virtue signaling achieves nothing but to reveal the followers not the leaders. ...

Busy day in the studio! Let me know if would like me to cover any particular topic in the near future! ...

Shopping is a pleasure again #Publix! Isle arrows are gone! Not that I ever followed that nonsense ⬆️🛒 😋 ...

When you find you are not alone in your neighborhood. Cheers to intelligent neighbors 🥂 ...

Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance ...

Let there be no question...This is how we roll! Raising the future of America. 🇺🇸🥰#maga2020 #maga #americafirst #godblessamerica #trump2020 @realdonaldtrump ...

“Dr. Beck created Balance Protocol as a one of a kind clinical method that provides a systemized approach for an individual to regain their health, get the most out of life or even resolve chronic disease.”

Interested in consulting with Dr. Beck?

Interested in clinical training with Dr. Beck?