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Dr. Beck feels that an epidemic of unhealthy environment and lifestyle is sucking the soul out of living life. Particularly due to massive amounts of conflicting information from misguided commercial sources and misrepresentations of what “science” says. But now there is an opportunity for you to make powerful changes in your life. It comes from one voice and one mind that tells us we can truly bolster up our lifestyle, eat real food, exercise and rest ourselves into radiant health without giving up the joy and fun of living.

The problem is that we are up against the current model of health care that is excellent in crisis care such as when someone can not breath, has a heart attack, or breaks a bone. In these types of acute cases its marvelous in using its toolbox. However, that system of health care fails miserably in preventing and treating chronic disease such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancer, allergies, fatigue or obesity. It simply offers nothing to get and keep you healthy. What Dr. Beck is here to do is inform the world that we have the know how to go far beyond our crisis care model.

Since the early 90’s there has been a virtual avalanche in information and studies that are rock solid, eye popping and mind bending proof telling us loud and clear that the majority of chronic illnesses that plaque us today are largely preventable and in most cases fully reversible and certainly much more effectively managed through his Balance Protocol. This is quite simply teaching people how to determine the healthiest foods for them and how to live the healthiest lifestyle. Dr. Beck knows that there are no two individuals that are alike and its not enough to tell patients don’t eat this or don’t eat that. Whereas, you have to talk to them, teach them, explain why and share the range of science in terms they can understand. That is what people can use and internalize which keeps them compliant and motivated. This is largely centered on the science of Epigenetics, Individualized nutrition and functional testing, which allows the best science to be applied specifically to the very unique YOU!

Even more importantly, Dr. Beck wants to empower patients to demand a higher level of care from their health care providers. Dr. Beck’s methods involve an array of aspects including a healthful lifestyle design, individualized nutrition, hormone balancing, resolving immune dysfunction and hidden infectious diseases, extensive laboratory and functional testing, detoxification, and preventative medicine. He addresses the underlying root causes of ones health problems, rather than just treating their symptoms.

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About Dr. Beck

Dr. Anthony G. Beck is dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge that identifies and addresses the root causes of illness through a groundbreaking whole-system medicine approach called Balance Protocol which allows you to understand how your own unique biochemistry holds the keys to moving you to ultimate wellbeing.

Dr. Beck believes that you are the one and only person who is in control of your health and wellbeing. He believes that you have a biochemical individuality and genetic uniqueness that sets you apart from every other human being and only by embracing yourself as a category of one will you be able to rid yourself of what is preventing you from living a life full of vitality.

Why Supplements Are Hurting You

Balance Protocol Wed Aug 19th, 2020

Why Supplements are hurting because you are making some very fundemental mistakes in assumptions, taking advice from others who have zero context of your unique biochemisty status and failure to use objective data that can only come from proper laboratory assessments. ...

The Greater Problem of Sex Trafficking

Balance Protocol Sat Aug 8th, 2020

The greater problem to our nations health above this current scamdemic is sex trafficking. The left is at the center of it and openly promotes it. This is a call to all parents to increase your situational awareness and be more vigilant. ...

The Last COVID Video

Balance Protocol Fri Jul 3rd, 2020

Let's recap the History~Data~Precedent as well as review solid science to prove once and for all that COVID-19 Is the most successful global psychological operation ever perpetuated in human history. ...

True Face Of Racism ~ Let's Explore The Data

Balance Protocol Sat Jun 6th, 2020

Right now our nation is in the grips of yet another tragic lie. Radical socialist leftism strikes again by dishing up more vile racist propaganda designed to divide and concur. The health of our lives and nation can only be protected by those who will not fall for the false narratives and who are willing to speak out against evil narratives. History, Data & Precedent is on our side. ...

Dropping Hammer ~ Virtue Signaling, Racism & BLM

Balance Protocol Wed Jun 3rd, 2020

So many are being dooped into the BLM propaganda and unknowingly perpetrating racism and anarchy. Do your research! Know what you are getting behind BEFORE you knee jerk into aligning with something you though was of good report. ...

Identity Politics, Racism & Solutions

Balance Protocol Tue Jun 2nd, 2020

Groupthink, patronizing and virtue signaling achieves nothing but to reveal the followers not the leaders. ...

Racism and Other Evils Impact On Health

Balance Protocol Mon Jun 1st, 2020

Troubling times have a history of bringing to the surface and forefront of underlying evils who were waiting for their opportunity to terrorize you while we are down. It is critical that you learn how to recognize these mechanisms and implement stratagies to guard against them. ...

The Fallacies of Supplements and Detoxes And Why They Don't Work

Balance Protocol Sat May 23rd, 2020

The infospace is replete with health gurus, biohackers and clinicians whos sole purpose for producing content is to drive dietary supplement sales funnels. The ugly truth is all those folks are guilty of selling you on a concept that have given you zero ability or method to determine IF or HOW or WHY a particular product applies to you specifically. ...

Collateral Damage Of COVID19 ~ RIP Friends

Balance Protocol Sun May 17th, 2020

Have the courage to let people pass out of your life. You have zero obligation to anyone who does not bring value and joy to your life. Be grateful that people reveal themselves in time like these because when things get really bad you don’t want them around. Your safety and life literally depend upon it. ...

Busy day in the studio! Let me know if would like me to cover any particular topic in the near future! ...

Shopping is a pleasure again #Publix! Isle arrows are gone! Not that I ever followed that nonsense ⬆️🛒 😋 ...

When you find you are not alone in your neighborhood. Cheers to intelligent neighbors 🥂 ...

Coincidence? Use Google maps and look at Guantanamo Bay Cuba location “ The Emohwen Setatspeed Gardens” look what it spells backwards 🧐 ...

Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance ...

“Dr. Beck created Balance Protocol as a one of a kind clinical method that provides a systemized approach for an individual to regain their health, get the most out of life or even resolve chronic disease.”

Interested in consulting with Dr. Beck?

Interested in clinical training with Dr. Beck?