Here I am going to share with you my life’s work and passion. Where I pour my heart and soul.

That is to cut through all the noise and confusion that plagues the info-space. To bridge the gap between medicine, scientific research and You. Applied through my powerful method called the Balance Protocol, which is a systemized approach to all things related to wellbeing.
So this is my mission….to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, and INSPIRE you.
Here we will explore the cutting edge of medicine, and all that I have learned from over 2 decades and countless thousand of patient encounters. Most importantly, I will be empowering you with how we apply these to our lives. Here is what will set me apart from the rest.
I am going to teach you to apply HOW and WHY medicine, NOT ….WHAT medicine.
So many just give information but do not take time to explain how and why to the patient. You simply get to be apart of the Name it, Blame it, Claim it, Tame it game. This is why your visits with the vast majority of doctors is only 7.6 minutes. In todays health care model we see this to be all too true.
We can all recognize our system is broken.
So here is your chance to effectually OPT OUT of all that non-sense. You can learn to correct and prevent the VAST majority of what is at the root cause of your lack of wellbeing. And for those who want to take their current level of good health to the highest levels of wellbeing, well this is most certainly the place you will learn to do just that!
I have been practicing my fields now for over 20 years and for the last 10 years I have traveled and taught 100’s of other doctors around the country in fields of Functional Medicine, nutrition in clinical practice and exercise physiology.
Now MOST important is I am a certified human being! A person just like You. A country boy at heart and who’s life story is probably like the vast majority of you. Grew up in a NC. Parents were divorced when I was 5. Mom was from Tennessee. Dad was from W. Virginia. So got country living from both sides. We didn’t have much. We always gardened, canned. Again influence of my mother and her condition caused me to know that Conventional Medicines approach to chronic disease was wrong. My mothers diabetes story.
For many years I trained in numerous Marital Arts. Had love for that culture and ancient healing. Trained with several DC’s and received treatments but didn’t quite want to go that route. So the whole Integrative Medicine movement began to gain prominence in the Early 1990s. Felt a kinship to the ideals of Integrative Medicine. Knew that was the way to go.
This was because it only made sense to combine and embrace multiple disciplines and be wise enough to know that there is way more power in a bigger tool box. I choose Naturopathy as being a starting place for me. While doing that training I became aware of Functional Medicine in around 1994 while doing internship at a hospital that had a department dedicated to Integrative Medicine. 
After becoming a DOM over 12 years ago, I began attending A4M and meet so many wonderful Dr. who embraced Integrative Medicine. For several years I was asked to lecture at their International Congress on topics such as Nutrition, HRT, StemCells and others.
When I lectured there, I had a very interesting phenomenon happen over and over. This was to see so many of todays Drs who were trained for many years, had been practicing their fields for decades but still had come to this epiphany that what they were doing was not working. They were under this model of disease management. Applying acute care to chronic disease. They felt that their souls were being sucked out of them.
Seeing 10 patients an hour. Each only getting yet another square white piece of paper they take to a pharmacy. This pressure of managed care had taken away the reason they became Drs in the first place. To become healers. And that meant to actually heal. NOT treat endlessly. It was like they knew they had been living in the dark ages before the scriptures were printed for the masses and their had been a complete control of information.
So they would be in these lectures taking notes feverishly. After my lectures many of them would come up to me and ask a ton of great questions. These questions all related to how could they take this new point of view and apply it in their clinical care. At the end of the week they were so pumped. So there I found myself amongst great company in Functional Medicine. I learned a tremendous amount.
After many years in clinical practice and training with amazing physicians from around the world. I fully realized the patterns of todays patient in regards to chronic disease and its care. Needless to say, my patients have been my greatest teachers. What they taught me was that thing they suffer from have solutions that are centered within them.
How they look at their diseases and where the solutions reside, rests in how we as physicians treat them through what view. So this is where the Balance Protocol came from.
The realization that there is the wonderful systems biology of Functional Medicine which see this in the patient. However, there was still need for a systemized approach. An order to things to truly get the most from FM. So the Balance Protocol was born. This is to say observed not created. 
We must stop being disease centered. We must study origins of health not origins of disease. Salutogenesis NOT Pathogenesis. This is my personal crusade. To empower as many as I can with knowledge to live life with amazing vitality. See, I actually believe my patients. I listen to them. When they tell me something is wrong. We work together to find how WHY and HOW. I don’t work with WHAT.
The name of the disease makes no difference to me. I want to know what patient has this so called disease NOT what disease has the patient. I take a huge amount of time to do very similar to what I am doing now. That is to learn the story of the individual. I even go so far as to literally have my patients tell me their long live’s story and then tell it back to them. I ask them to stop and correct me when I am telling them their story back to them incorrectly. Or if I missed something. By hearing their story from someone else they often realize more about themselves and even divulge more that they forgot or didn’t realize.
This is a VERY powerful method. It is the starting point of the Balance Protocol.
Now that we both are empowered with the same story, I teach my patients a powerful system that shows that simple efforts can afford us high levels of well-being, perpetuate longevity, prevent disease and even resolve chronic illnesses.
I show them that at the end of the day…YOU…are the only person who can make…YOU…healthy.
Nothing is more fundamental to a happy, fulfilled and productive life then having and owning your own life. You simply cannot achieve that without feeding your body the right foods, actively exercising, and getting adequate rest. 
The challenge is that patients like you are bombarded with so much chaos and noise from the info space. Who to believe? Not only will I provide you with information, I will teach you how to decipher and encourage you not to just simply believe me.
But where and how to research. Starting with providing you with a ton of sources and tools to do so. This is to bridge the gap between medicine, scientific research and real life. Show you how to avoid the misinformation from the blog-o-sphere. From those who, though they may be highly motivated about the information areas they talk about, so many lack grounding, formal education and first hand clinical application experience.
You see, no one can EVER find YOU and YOUR story in a book other than the one you have written.
So I encourage you to embrace being a category of one!
Do not settle for you being crammed into a box of some named disease condition. You are truly a one of kind. Both genetically and in the environment you created for yourself and live in.
In essence I will teach you HOW to fish, not just give you fish.