Dr Anthony Beck accepted me a patient who was struggling to find answers as to why my health was rapidly deteriorating. After years of struggling to find answers and visits with countless medical professionals, I was linked up with Dr. Beck through USSOCOM’s Care Coalition. Dr Anthony G. Beck wasted no time in getting my complete background and medical history. After extensive functional diagnostic testing, Dr. Beck was able to narrow down my problems in only a few weeks. I was searching for a Functional Medicine doctor and fortunately for me I found him. Dr.Beck treats the patient, not a diagnosis or disease. Dr. Beck also takes extensive time to educate and empower his patients to advocate for themselves and shows them how to adjust their lifestyle to maintain and optimize their health.

Geoff D.

Fayettville, NC

Dr. Beck has helped me with my fibromyalgia, thyroid and self-esteem. The series of tests that he runs, covers every aspect of your body. Dr. Beck takes a look at the entire well being of the body not just a symptom. He is honest, encouraging and understanding. I have been able to reduce my antidepressant and my thyroid is working well now. Because of allergy food testing, my fibromyalgia pain has been reduced dramatically. I would highly recommend, Dr. Beck. He is worth every penny.

Cindy T

Cindy T.

Orlando, FL

Before meeting Dr. Anthony G. Beck, I was a 54 year old semi-active woman and was on several medications for thyroid problems and high blood pressure. Since following his weekly advice and taking his recommended supplements… I am no longer on any medications and feel like a younger woman. Thanks Dr. Beck you changed my life!

Dawn P.

Naples, FL

I am a breast cancer survivor, and after treatment, Dr. Beck helped me on my journey of wellness. I can describe my experience as life-changing as he treated my hypothyroidism, nutritional and metabolic deficiencies. Depression and fog left, and my energy and vitality were great. It was so good that I was inspired to begin running. Now I run half marathons. The quality of his work and his products is excellent. Dr. Beck has a tremendous ability to see the whole patient.

Cherise G.

Winter Garden, FL

This year, 2019, marks 15 years of my being a patient and what I feel as a friend of Dr. Anthony G. Beck. Through his always generous wisdom, I’ve learned much more about what I refer to as holistic & integrative medicine. I especially like the fact that he is board certified in multiple fields of medicine, and I’ve been using his line of Helion supplements for years, which I swear by. When I run out, my body sure lets me know. Whenever I have a health issue or questions, I always consult with the Dr. Beck first. I’m very thankful for medical doctors, surgeons and hospitals, but my first line of health and prevention will always be diet, nutrition, exercise and the natural healing methods of that Dr. Beck so powerfully provides.

Thank you Dr. Beck!

Fred B.

Windermere, FL

This is just a note to thank you personally Dr. Beck for caring for me mentally and physically for over 10 years. I’ve always been so impressed with how much time and effort you put into each one of your patients. I personally have benefited greatly over the years under your care while utilizing your Helion Nutraceuticals-these amazing all natural supplements are the best choice I’ve ever made for my mind, body, and soul. Your insight is refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring…it’s what everyone deserves from their healthcare provider but rarely gets. Your passion for what you do is evident in every call, health topic and email you share with all of us. I really feel like you are one of the BEST in your field that makes all the difference. Thank you!

Mary R.

Tampa, FL

My name is Maureen and I am a 41 year old elementary school teacher from Long Island N.Y. I was introduced to Helion Nutraceuticals two years ago by Dr. Anthony G. Beck. Before trying Helion products I would have told you that all vitamins are the same. I can honestly say that my mindset has been completely altered. Since Dr. Anthony G. Beck put me on a regiment of Helion products, along with a new diet plan and exercise I feel like a new person. Two years ago I was constantly getting sick and my immune system was at it’s lowest. At the start of very school year my colleagues would expect that I would contract some sort of virus by the second week of school but those days are over! I attribute all of this to Helion Nutraceuticals. Thank you Dr. Beck and Helion.

Maureen P.

Long Island, NY

Dr. Beck is a maverick in modern medicine. I worked for a decade in the drug industry and learned how masterfully pharmaceutical companies have come to dominate the perception of what treatment for disease is. Establishing prescription drugs as the choice treatments for common chronic ailments dominates many medical schools, much of mainstream medical literature, and even television commercials. Now a compounding pharmacist, I focus on Functional Medicine with optimal nutrition and Dr. Beck has proven to be an invaluable resource. He is a true leader in the emergence of Functional Medicine for the achievement of vibrant health while reducing or eliminating the need for prescription drugs.

Robert S.

Las Vevgas, NV

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how deeply grateful I feel to have found you. Kevin and I both feel so blesses. My experience with you so far has been in a word: amazing. You are so funny, so kind, so caring, so knowledgeable, so one of a kind, just the whole package. I sit here with a heart filled to the brim with thanksgiving.

Sherri & Kevin

Houston, TX

Before I knew him as Dr. Beck, he was just Anthony, a random introduction at a gathering with mutual friends. As Anthony and I become friends and began to develop a friendship, I had no idea what was in store for me. Approaching nine years know of having the honor of calling him my friend, I can tell you some things now that I never knew were possible for 2 human beings to share. We both had gone through devastating breakups and relationships that would normally change somebody for the worse. Having Dr. Beck as a source of strength in my life, allowed me to take a path of positively I never knew possible, despite his own personal losses, he was able to give me guidance and inspiration through his own pain. He showed me how to direct my anger, sadness, depression, and other heart wrenching emotions into building blocks to begin repairing and remembering the good person I was, and giving me the tools to not only love my self again, but open my heart to be able to love someone else again. His insight through his intelligent humor, and slapping you me the face with his quirky take on life and relationships, just inspired me to be better than I ever was before. I never imagined someone going through his own personal loss could use all of that in a way to help others, especially me. I am partially the man I am today because of his guidance, inspiration, and a non judgmental friendship that used my weaknesses and insecurities as a man, intro the greatest source of power to better myself. As if this wasn’t enough, in 2007 I suffered a heart attack from at the time being 365lbs. I was very fortunate to have and currently still my best friend as a cardiologist and another dear friend as my primary care physician who both saved my life. With their help of diet and exercise I was able to lose an amazing 145lbs in under 2 years. Although I was in better exterior shape that I have ever been in, I resorted to taking many steroids and supplements that yes put my body in perfect condition on the outside, but did some damage to my over health. Dr. Beck knew I was enjoying the high of being in such great physical shape, and of course council’d me on the long term damage I was doing. Dr. Beck suggested a few of his products for me to try to start helping my body heal on the inside, not just from the heart attack, but the steroid and supplement use I was taking. Although I was skeptical, I knew he had never steered me wrong before. After only a week, I couldn’t believe the transition I went through. I felt like a new human being and cleansed in so many ways. It’s kind of difficult to explain, but my body felt like it was just flushed of so many toxins and I had a new level of energy and stamina I hadn’t experienced since college. His products motivated me to stop taking the dangerous things I was taking, as I was more motivated to maintain my new found body on my own with the help of his products. WhenI look at Dr. Beck’s company’s mission to Educate, Motivate, and Inspire, This rings so true to me on every level as he has given me those things plus so much more that a typical doctor would never invest in his patients. My testimonial is more of a Thank You and a humble token of my respect for a man who has truly been apart of changing my life and so many others in EVERY WAY possible.

Terrance R.

Orlando, FL