Dr. Anthony G. Beck is dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge that identifies and addresses the root causes of illness through a groundbreaking whole-system medicine approach called Balance Protocol which allows you to understand how your own unique biochemistry holds the keys to moving you to ultimate wellbeing.

  • Dr Anthony G Beck believes that you are the one and only person who is in control of your health and wellbeing. He believes that you have a biochemical individuality and genetic uniqueness that sets you apart from every other human being and only by embracing yourself as a category of one will you be able to rid yourself of what is preventing you from living a life full of vitality.
  • Virtually every other health program out there simply sets forth a cookie cutter approach that touts itself as being the way to wellness. The problem with all those one size fits all approaches is that they neglect the importance of the very thing that should be central to any program….YOU.
  • You are unlike any other person on the planet and that means for you to achieve your highest level of wellbeing you must assess your own status of metabolism, biochemistry, and genetic influence. It is because of that lack of insight that so many have fallen victim to countless other programs and never got resolution of their health challenges.


Utilizing the most cutting edge functional diagnostic laboratory assessments we can gain a deeper understanding of what your unique biochemistry needs in order to obtain your ultimate health and wellbeing.

“Working in the healthcare field for the past eleven years, I have worked with and observed many doctors. Dr. Beck is unlike any other physician. He will become your guide and teacher, giving you all the tools you need to transform your health, regain your body, and reclaim your mind. With time and patience, you will be amazed how your body communicates with you, you giving you complete control over how you feel. Dr. Beck is there with you every step of the way ”
Amy T.
“I am a breast cancer survivor, and after treatment, Dr. Beck helped me on my journey of wellness. I can describe my experience as life -changing as he treated my hypothyroidism, nutritional and metabolic deficiencies. Depression and fog left, and my energy and vitality were great. It was so good that I was inspired to begin running. Now I run half marathons. The quality of his work and his products is excellent. Dr. Beck has a tremendous ability to see the whole patient. I am certain that he is tops in his field ”
Cherise G.
"Dr. Beck has helped me with my fibromyalgia, thyroid and self-esteem. The series of tests that he runs, covers every aspect of your body. Dr. Beck takes a look at the entire well being of the body not just a symptom. He is honest, encouraging and understanding. I have been able to reduce my antidepressant and my thyroid is working well now. Because of allergy food testing, my fibromyalgia pain has been reduced dramatically. I would highly recommend, Dr. Beck. He is worth every penny."
Cindy T.
"This year, 2014, marks 10 years of my being a patient and what I feel as a friend of Dr. Anthony G. Beck. Through his always generous wisdom, I've learned much more about what I refer to as holistic & integrative medicine. I especially like the fact that he is board certified in multiple fields of medicine, and I've been using his line of Helion supplements for years, which I swear by. When I run out, my body sure lets me know. Whenever I have a health issue or questions, I always consult with the Dr. Beck first. I'm very thankful for medical doctors, surgeons and hospitals, but my first line of health and prevention will always be diet, nutrition, exercise and the natural healing methods of that Dr. Beck so powerfully provides. Thank you Dr. Beck"
Fred B.
"Dr .Anthony Beck accepted me as a patient who was struggling to find answers as to why my health was rapidly deteriorating. After years of struggling to find answers and visits with countless medical professionals, I was linked up with Dr. Beck through USSOCOM's Care Coalition. Dr. Anthony G. Beck wasted no time in getting my complete background and medical history. After extensive functional diagnostic testing, Dr. Beck was able to narrow down my problems in only a few weeks. I was searching for a Functional Medicine doctor and fortunately for me I found him. Dr. Beck treats the patient, not a diagnosis or disease. Dr. Beck also takes extensive time to educate and empower his patients to advocate for themselves and shows them how to adjust their lifestyle to maintain and optimize their health. "
Geoff D.


Here you will receive a balanced understanding and become empowered with the tools you need to sort through all the noise and confusion that plagues the infospace.



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