What is Gluten — Why there is not much talk about Gluten these days — What are the sources of Gluten —Should you avoid Gluten — Mechanism of how Gluten can harm the body — Gluten free foods can be equally damaging to the gut — Learn how these seemingly safe foods may be at the root of unexplained and unnecessary symptoms — Discuss different tests for detecting gluten sensitivity — Topics include link between gluten sensitivity and over 200 diseases — the difference between gluten sensitivity and celiac disease — Co-hosted by Jefreaux Peairs.


Gluten is a huge topic today. So many books and cookbooks that talk about it.

The topic of gluten is nothing new. Many highly reputable people are talking more about it and the public is hearing it.

The question now comes to most if THEY should avoid it.

What is gluten?

Gluten term is a large category proteins found in ALL grains. If its the seed of the grass it will contain a gluten. The one that has gotten the most attention is that of wheat called gliadin.

Most people referring to gluten free is specific to wheat, rye, barley. But not all grains that have a gluten or glutens that are of the toxic and harmful impact to the human body.

So the importance is to understand the term gluten and the fact that every single grain contains a “gluten” protein. However, certain ones are more toxic than the others.

Its a mixture of proteins found in ALL grains

Wheat – Gliadin

Rye  – Secalinin

Oats – Avenin

Barley – Hordein

Millet – Panicin

Corn – Zien

Rice – Orzenin

Sorgum – Kafirin


Irrational to say gluten is bad for everybody. But, rational to say that Gluten MAY be bad for anyone on any condition. It is So ubiquitous that It MUST be taken into consideration.

Not everyone is sensitive but it is an inflammatory food for the vast majority it is.

People get caught up in terms and understanding this topic. They will simply expect someone to tell them how to eat. This is where people run into trouble. This is because recommendations require more information on the patient based on testing, in order to know what is best for you.

Gluten has been linked to over 200 human diseases. Wherever, someone’s weak link in their bodies systems biology is where glutens can cause a break in the chain. There are tons of symptoms that can be attributed to gluten sensitivity. Matter of fact, any and all can be.

Symptoms from GS, can be all forms of inflammation, pain, gastrointestinal disturbances, and autoimmune disease.

Dr. Lesio Pasano – “No human can digest Gluten. And causes permeability in everyone.” Scientific America – 2009

When gluten is consumed it goes into the intestines where it is covered in micro-villi and make up the intestinal lining. The inside is like shag carpet. Gluten proteins can cause bad reactions that disturb these villi and cause them to erode and become like berber carpet.

After this happens the protect function of this lining is imparted and holes in the lining occur causing leaky gut. Inappropriate size and selection of particles enter into the blood stream and the immune system responds with inflammatory chemicals.

Reactions can manifest in hours to weeks later due to the bodies response at different rates.

The gastro lining heals almost immediately because the intestinal wall cells are the fastest growing cells in the body. But the key is to realize that if you live the cycle of repeatedly dose of this kind of damage it causes problems.


Toast for breakfast…heals

Bread at lunch…heals

Pasta at dinner….heals


At some point the healing gets overwhelmed and doesn’t repair any more.Then you start getting symptoms. The body can not tolerate this endlessly.

Gluten can yield diseases affecting all systems, all organs, all tissues. If you have any symptom regardless of where it manifests in your body no matter how big or small, gluten absolutely COULD be a culprit or contributing factor.

But even if there are no present symptoms, this does not mean gluten is not causing problems. This is because inflammation is often silent.


Interesting study to mention:

Found blood samples of Air Force 3000. Late 40s early 50s. Mostly men. Not a lot of women in air force back then. Was a fluke that the samples were still frozen and preserved from these healthy men. Checked how many  would have blood indicators of celiac. Found how many who did.

Then they went to Mayo clinic who went in for physical who were same health and demographics of those airmen. Found that the incidence of celiac rose 400% compared to 50 years ago.

So they followed those who had samples from back in 50s because they were still in the VA system and they could find them. Determined what was the comparison of the two segments and the relative risk of what diseases they would die from. Found that the men today have are hugely more likely to die earlier and have more disease.

Its not because our testing has gotten better. Its because more people are indeed getting sicker.

Even though a bread for example may have a great level of nutrients, it still contains gluten and it can still be net harmful to the body.


Our gastrointestinal system works so much harder today than ever before. We make it work so much harder now due to so many factors. So now its working harder and on top of that we hit with GMO foods with double the amount of proteins they have. Over taxed, over burdened gastro.

When something comes into a weak system it gets symptoms. Anything that activates the immune system is an antigen.

For every 1 patient that has a gastro symptom there are 8 who do not but have it manifest somewhere else in the body. So if its not happening as a gastro symptom they think its something else.

They don’t associate what they eat with a miscarrage or a seizure. But the fact is that it can be.

You pull at a chain and it breaks at its weakest link.

Wherever you pull on the chain is where its going to break. This is why people manifest disease in such a large spectrum.

Gluten is not bad for you. BAD gluten is bad for you.

There is gluten in ALL grains. Rice, corn included. But there is a toxic family of gluten in wheat, rye and barley. Some can be allergic to amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa. Topic of gluten sensitivity is focused toward W,R,B.

There is no question in the literature in the topic of cross reactivity. In practice it highly prevalent that those reactive to gluten will have cross reacts.

You go gluten free and you continue those foods then your body will continue to produce the immune response as if you were still eating gluten.

Taking a biopsy is not going to be correctly conclusive as to if you are having reactions to gluten.

You have to look at blood tests such as Cyrex Labs.

Once someone heals the gastro can they eat those cross reactive foods? Difference between what you believe vs what present science has to say. There are many Drs. who believe that is ok reintroduce those foods once those symptoms go away. Belief based on their observations.

But now we have biomarkers. Now we have the tools. When your body makes antibodies to a particular food. Well we make antibodies to all foods actually. But there is a normal range.

When you make elevated amounts its a pathological process. The only way to ever know is to test. Omit. And then retest later. If you have biomarkers, use the biomarkers.

This is decision people have to make for themselves. Sadly. Many just make a roll of the dice.

Because the damage can be happening over years and be silent. IF you don’t want to spend the money on the tests then you really need to omit those foods.

Other foods that are present and have proteins similar to that of gluten will often cause a cross reactivity due to molecular mimicry. So when you stop eating gluten and still have symptoms it may be due to those molecules being mistaking for the gluten because they were present when the reaction occurred and the body thinks they look the same as gluten. The reactions will continue.

Another test for gluten predisposition is HLA-DQ genetic testing. So many people can be genetically more susceptible to gluten linked diseases due to genetic marker.

Its important to know that gluten sensitivity is NOT Celiac Disease. CD is just one of the diseases caused by being gluten sensitive.

Patients ask me should I stop eating gluten. I tell them know one can answer that. The truth to the answer can only be found with in the body and proven by testing.

The simple fact is, if you want to know about glutens impact on you now or potentially, we must test.


The reason gluten has become such a problem is because we forced the narrative that people should eat 8-12 servings a grain a day. So this drove the market. The market then took advantage of manipulating the seeds genetics to yield higher outputs from crops. This is why genetically modified(GMO) grains have become the frankensteins.

We manipulated the genes of plants but the genes of those eating them have not adapted to them. Our systems do not know how to respond to them, digest them or prevent their damage.

Then they spray these grains with pesticides, fungicides, and even antibiotics. These residues stay on the grains and humans eat those too.

Plants should be left to produce their own resistance to those things they are being so called protected by all the chemical sprays. Plants have the ability to fend for themselves via a process called Xenohormesis.

Now there comes in the market response with “gluten free” foods. Just because a product is labeled gluten free does NOT mean it does not contain gluten. The label standard is “certified gluten free” can have 20ppm of gluten and still be called that.

And just because something is gluten free does not by default make it healthful. Most labeled gluten free products are processed packaged products.

The substitution of gluten is to fill your eating habits with healthful veggies, animal proteins, nuts, seeds and berries etc. If one insists on consumption of gluten, make sure its from non-GMO sources. Unless something is labeled as non-GMO, you bet that it’s in fact GMO.


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