Dr. AGB was invited to a guess interview with fellow health advocate Jefreaux Peairs on his show and shares that interview — They discuss how Dr. AGB got into Functional Medicine and his background — How he spends detailed time listening to patients tell their own unique story — The vast array of laboratory testing available to patients — Review of the 2-3-5-8 framework of the Balance Protocol — The importance of doing things in the correct order — Story of how he helped an Army Special Forces soldier resolve chronic diseases that the VA failed to address — How he created Helion Nutraceuticals company to provide the highest caliber products for his patients — Remind patients that they are the only ones who have the true power to have optimal health.



Dr. Beck discusses with his fellow health advocate Jeff how he got into his field of Functional Medicine and the things in life that brought him to that.


Reveals that he started his working experience as a chef and personal trainer. Has a true love and passion for food.


Life brought him through various evolutions and he went through schooling to become a Naturopathic Doctor and later a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.


During that time he found Functional Medicine and embraces Integrative Medicine approaches so as to have a larger tool box for life and assisting others to achieving their highest levels of health.


Fundamental to those areas of science is a quest to search for true root caused of disease and not just throwing pills at it. Learning to solve that riddle is the key.


As a personal trainer, he was able to help people with the outside aspects of the body but that lacked insight into disease treatment and resolution.


They talk about that common story of seeking medical care in todays world. In that, when something breaks we go to the doctor. That system only takes 7.6 minutes and quickly arrives at a diagnosis. The whole tool box in that mechanism boils down to a pharmaceutical drugs, or some test and then when that all fails you submit to surgery.


Its not that doctors today are bad, its the fact the system we have in place is bad.

Conventional Medicine is woefully lacking in understanding how each person got to their condition.


Its important to know more about the patient and less about the disease. To stop playing the name it, blame it, tame it game.


Jeff talks about his mother and his difficulties with blood pressure problems and their talks about how she was offered care. Jeff’s mother stated that she wanted to know why she was having this symptom and asked her doctor, but he could not offer any insight into why. All she got was a drug prescription which she refused to take and decided to seek answers through a more revealing approach.


Dr. Beck clarifies that he is not opposed to drugs being prescribed and that they are very useful and work. The thing is that they must be used temporarily and with prudent understanding. Not utilizing medications is silly and not wise to just blanketing take a complete stand against them all. But as you utilize them, don’t stop looking for the cause and answers just because the symptoms may be masked by the medications.


Dr. Beck speaks about the vast information out the internet does not replace working with educated and experienced clinicians. Caution is also given to realize that even conventionally trained physicians do not always provide the best source for correct information. They are trained to treat acutely and generally only within their specialty. Doctors are simply not the source of information people may think they are with respect to health, nutrition and fitness. Encourage people to seek information and answers in multiple places.


He talks about what happens typically when patients come to him seeking answers. Explains that he can and does acute care because he is a primary care provider. However, mostly he works with chronic disease. Those health conditions that have been around for extended amounts of time.


Talks with high regard about how in the US that our acute care for live threatening conditions is second to none in the world. However, we fail miserably at chronic disease. The vast majority of health care cost is chronic care. Patients come to Dr. Beck for help with chronic care.


The first place he starts with patients is a full and highly detailed retelling of the patients whole life history and story to him. Its the foundation on how true personalized medicine and disease resolution come to focus. Patients tell him their story and he tells their story back to them to make sure he has the highest understanding. This initial visit often takes 2 hours.


Dr. Beck refers to himself as a CSI Agent of health. Emphasizes that this detailed time studying all things that makes the patient uniquely them makes all the difference in finding out the who done it. Even doing so deep as to genetics and understanding how the patient may have turned on bad genes many years ago. Never discounting any thing that may be a clue.


He states how much he loves and appreciates his patients. Considers them friends and the relationship of that caliber is what allows them both to become partners in this endeavor. He declares to patients that they are the boss and he works for them. Ultimately they are in control.


The difficult thing in resolving disease is getting the patient to take ownership of their health. Hold them accountable even though it may be hard to admit. That element is the biggest challenge.


To find out information that the patient can disclose or that Dr. Beck can not determine, there must be laboratory and functional testing. They range and cover all systems of the body. Underlying physiology does have testing that can reveal vast amounts of things as opposed to years ago.


Discussion covers the structure of Balance Protocol as a systematic approach to resolving disease.


2 Questions


What do you need to add to promote healing and maintain health?

What do you need to remove that is taking away from your health?

3 Phases



(healthful eating, mindful study)


(lifestyle, physical activity, hormones)


(organs, blood, lymphatics)

5 Causes



(nutritional deficiency, dietary irritants)


(physical, psychological, emotional)


(biologic, elemental, chemical)


(bacteria, fungus, virus)


(chemical, biological, food)



Dr Beck talks about a patient who as a special forces military gentlemen and how he worked with him through the Balance Protocol and how much of a positive impact on him getting his health back. It revealed how terrible the military medical system misses truly helping them. The VA system is broken and will not offer those serving with any true power to resolve problems induced by serving in the military.


He then wraps up with talking about how he created Helion Nutraceuticals. A powerful line of products that provide the highest caliber supplements than seen anywhere else on the market. It was designed to be the best but also to combine therapeutic agents into minimal bottles so patients don’t have large pills counts. Those products can be found via his website dranthonygbeck.com OR helionformulas.com


Reminds everyone that supplements are called supplements because they supplement healthful eating and that they do not replace best dietary practices. Helion products brings the best of both worlds. This is why Dr. Beck created the products. He didn’t have access to this caliber of products as a physician.


If people want more information on any of the things discussed in the show, they can contact him via the dranthonygbeck.com website.


Those who consider themselves biohackers, they can get access to all the testing methods spoken of via his website as well.