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ClearTox contains a synergetic array of clinically proven compounds that assist the body in the clearance of toxins at the cellular level. With primary support to Phase 2 detoxification in the liver, these beneficial compounds aid the structure and function of liver metabolism. Additionally, ClearTox boosts methylation to ensure proper hormonal involvement of tissue repair as well a assisting the removal of waste products secretion via the bowels.


Helion Nutraceuticals recommends (for adults): 3 to 9 capusules daily, in divided doses.

Maintenance: 1 capsule, 3 times a day.
Therapuetic: 4 capsules, 3 times a day.

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Product Description

    Benefits Include:

  • Supports healthy liver function
  • May help to reduce heavy metal accumulation
  • Supports healthy kidney and liver function
  • Supports nervous system health
  • Promotes cellular health for tissues including the liver, prostate, lung, breast and colon
  • Features Include:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: Supports healthy liver function by scavenging free radicals and promoting the synthesis, regeneration, and concentration of glutathione in the liver. Studies also reveal the potential for alpha lipoic acid to facilitate the biliary excretion of inorganic mercury as well as to moderate lead and cadmium induced oxidative stress.*
  • N-Acetly-Cysteine (NAC): Provides free radical scavenger and additional glutathione-boosting properties. Several studies suggest that NAC administration to animals may help to reduce mercury and cadmium accumulation in the kidneys and liver, and/or moderate the effects of these metals in these tissues. NAC may achieve these actions, in part, by facilitating mercury removal from tissues, promoting healthy glutathione levels, or protecting tissues from peroxidation generated by heavy metals.*
  • Glycine: Supplementation with glycine has been shown to support healthy kidney and liver function, as well as nervous system health. Animal studies suggest that glycine plays a protective role for the kidneys and liver, particularly by supporting detoxification of certain chemicals. Glycine has also been shown to moderate the release of cytokines during times of metabolic stress.*
  • Magnesium glycinate: Highly absorbable magnesium chelate for sensitive individuals; assists the uptake and utilization of calcium, synergizes the secretion of parathyroid hormone, and is a vital nutrient cofactor in detoxification pathways.*
  • Malic Acid: Serves as a substrate for energy release from the Krebs cycle (a physiological process in the body that metabolizes fats and sugars), and aids in promotion and excretion of bile.*
  • Calcium D-glucarate: A patented form of glucaric acid, calcium d-glucarate is a robust nutrient with the potential to support the body’s natural ability to detoxify endogenous and environmental compounds and to promote cellular health for tissues including the liver, prostate, lung, breast and colon. In the liver, toxic compounds are bound to glucuronic acids so that they can be eliminated in a safe form from the body in a cleansing process known as glucuronidation. Beta-glucuronidase is a naturally occurring enzyme found in various organs and cells, which can cleave apart these neutral compounds. Studies have indicated that d-glucarate moderates beta-glucurondiase enzyme activity, supporting the process by which healthy cells eliminate waste and foreign elements. Other studies suggest the promising role of d-glucarate in supporting healthy lipid metabolism.*
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): Supplies a concentrated bioavailable source of elemental sulfur, an essential phase II enzyme detoxification cofactor, as well as an essential micronutrient vital for healthy tissues.*
  • Folic Acid: Integral factor involved in the formation of nucleic acids and the production of healthy DNA and chromosomes. In particular, this B vitamin is critical for the proper neural and cellular development of the fetal central nervous system. Folic acid romotes healthy cellular differentiation during the formation of the brain and spinal cord, helping to prevent neural tube defects. Additionally, folic acid is important for the growth and reproduction of red and white blood cells. Folic acid helps to support healthy homocysteine metabolism.*

Two vegetable capsules contain:


  1. 75 mg            MSM
  2. 100 mg         Calcium D-glucarate
  3. 100 mg         Malic Acid
  4. 125 mg         Magnesim Glycinate
  5. 250 mg         Alpha Lipoic Acid
  6. 400 mg        N-Acetyl-Cystiene
  7. 400 mcg      Folic Acid
  8. 1000 mg      Glycine

Bio-Charged Crystalloid Electrolytes

LytesorbLogoBio-Charged Crystalloid Electrolytes are derived from a proprietary process, are all natural, and are in the state in which minerals exist within plants. In nature, when water cascades over rocks picking up minerals from the soil, larger colloidal minerals are formed. Subsequently, when plants take up these minerals they are changed into more usable monoatomic crystalloid form. Because of their minute size, Bio-Charged Crystalloid Electrolytes can boost absorption, thereby rapidly influencing hydration, energy production and elimination of cellular waste. These electrolytes also increase the delivery of oxygen to the cells to achieve and maintain peak function and cellular response. The Bio-Charged Crystalloid Electrolytes found in LyteSorb include: Magnesium, Copper, Iodine, Manganese, Zinc, Potassium, Cobalt, Sodium, Selenium, Chromium, Silicon, and Boron.*


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