Discuss what the differences are in people who take actions toward their wellbeing vs those who do not — How we are at any given point in our life can have tremendous impact on us — What the two types of change we have to make our lives more meaningful — Teach you where to find the answers for what you truly need — Show you how by applying the principles and methods of the Balance Protocol in you life you can reach the highest levels of wellbeing designed specifically for You — Hosted by Dr. Anthony G. Beck


Hello everyone and welcome to the Balance Protocol Podcast,

I’m Dr. Anthony G. Beck and

In today’s show I’m going to

  1. Discuss what the differences are in people who take actions toward their wellbeing vs those who do not.
  2. How we are at any given point in our life can have tremendous impact on us.
  3. What the two types of change we have to make our lives more meaningful.
  4. Teach you where to find the answers for what you truly need.
  5. Show you how by applying the principles and methods of the BP in you life you can reach the highest levels of wellbeing designed specifically for You.


When I was a young college student back at Old Dominion University and first became a personal trainer

I was focused on developing health and fitness programs for athletes and later everyday common folk like you and me.

While doing this for years, I saw quite distinctly different patterns in those segments.

What I observed was that some have the ability to learn something quicker and easier and rise to higher levels of health than others.

So, I asked myself was this an innate trait or could it be developed? What was it that caused this distinction.

Now looking back, this is what set the stage for the development of my Balance Protocol.

I can look back and I can never find a point when I didn’t have this penchant for recognizing patterns. To be honest…I have this thing about counting things.

Weird actually. Kinda like you know when those stars come flying in and at the start of a Paramount pictures film?

I always had to count them. A wee bit obsessive compulsive it know.But I have learned to harness that in a great way and really look at things from a pattern recognition point of view.

So yea….Intuitively I knew the ability to recognize why and how people make choices could be developed and over my years of research….science has now shown that

Health and disease propensity is about 20 percent innate body type and genetics and so forth but about 80 percent of what we see manifest as what we call disease is

basically the ability to make lifestyle choices, how we learn and rise to higher levels.

This confirmed what I knew innately to be true.

I saw that really come into play with those who were athletic performers. That they could be developed through certain specific qualities such as developing more strength, coordination, flexibility, rhythm, timing, balance.


These came from training protocols guided by experienced and knowledgeable mentors.

We speak of these things in sports and athletics…..but all these can be expressed in wellbeing and nutrition as well.

Someone who develops these foundational qualities can learn faster and easier and rise to higher levels. If only they could recognize their patterns and systematically process what they needed to do to make powerful changes in their lives.

My theories certainly bared out well in practice. I trained lots of athletes and bodybuilders and so forth.

However, I realized being able to train them to do somersaults and hand stands….lift this huge amount of weight…..rip through running the 40….or placing in the top segment of a marathon had its limits.

Some were limited by their genetics. But again. That’s only 20% remember? The vast majority is modifiable. Its 80%.


Matter of fact with my own personal case ….training my body couldn’t help me specifically when I went out on a date or when I got married … had children or dealt with financial challenges, career decisions, and those issues of everyday life.

I needed more. More in the realms of how to obtain and maintain a healthful mindset.

How to  empower my way of thinking. So, the question became apparent to me….how can we mediate our choices in certain times of our lives.


That’s when I began to ask bigger questions. How can we develop skills and performance, not just for sport or music or whatever else we do.

For living for those events, those challenges of everyday life; relationships, finances, decision-making, and understanding life’s bigger picture.

How can we as humans develop a talent for living. For the changes of life? Not just sports.

Because after all, if you really think about it.


Where we are at any given point in our lives has fantastic impact on how we move our bodies, select the foods we put in our mouths and how much down time we allow or are forced to take.

That’s a bit of my story but lets take a moment and acknowledge your story.  To understand where your 20% vs 80% comes from, we have to talk about your unique value.

You see……You have a treasure.

Because no story on the planet is your story or is exactly like yours. Its not as if you are a story whereas you are a story in the making. You are a novel being written and you never know what the next chapter is going to be. So I want to acknowledge that and encourage you to spend some time doing that as well.

Literally taking time to reflect and think about You. Think about and embrace the fact that the 80% of modifiable portion of your health is going to be determined by you.

We all have overcome adversity in our lives. Of course I could be wrong….and since we aren’t in an auditorium where I can see you, I still want you to do this because its fun and you will smile doing it.


Can I see a show of hands of those who have experienced physical, emotional or mental pain in your life? My Jedi senses tell me there were some hands that just went up. Ok so we all have that in common.

Now, because we all experienced that, we can all say we are a little bit stronger now? Right? Maybe a little wiser? Maybe a little more compassionate?

When we experience those things we don’t have to pretend to enjoy those things and be like….wow…I’m sure getting stronger because of all this crap.

But what we need to do is keep that thread of attention that there are hidden gifts depending on how we respond to it.

Keep in mind….your journey to regain health, maintain health or even resolve a chronic disease applies here as well. For me, this understanding has sent me on a quest for many years.

Well it has been more than two decades now, but I sought to inquire of the best sources I could to find the answers.

Now… let me say this…I’ve always been uncomfortable with the term spiritual. This is because unfortunately in todays society it has become quite bastardized. Its definition to one person will not be that of others.

So many are afraid to confirm themselves under a banner of a religion so they will often say things like…”I’m not religious but I am spiritual.”

Even with that, when someone hears someone’s state they are spiritual , people often think  “Oh, one of those.”

How I see it is that we all can think of it a little like…

It’s the whole, grated into some of the parts in life’s bigger picture.

That’s how I define it from the conventional, a glimpse of the us at place and time where we surpass all the woes.

and that life is really okay no matter how it seems right now, the recognition of now. Wherever we step the path appears beneath our feet kind of thing.


So that’s giving a flavor for where I personally am now and what I teach in the realm of well being. Being able to keep our head in the clouds but our feet on the ground.

So then we would ask… how is it that we can seek to live in balance while catalyzing change?

How can we have knowledge of our set 20% and maximize the change of that other 80%?

Lets be realistic…when things are going great in our lives…and we have all had these moments or periods like that….we don’t want change.

We want more of this good stuff. The stuff we feel we deserved. At those points we want everything to stay right where it is.  Don’t we? But it doesn’t. Life changes and seems to force change all the time. So when we do see adversity in our lives we embrace change. We start to look for more change ….things to bring us back to balance.

For so many people this comes from a turn for the worse in their health. Maybe even something as little as the flu.

For others, its comes after we watched that proverbial warning light go off on the dash board and we just ignoring it until finally our engine breaks something and we are forced to attend to it now.

We sit there in our weakened state and reexamine our life. You know what I mean. Because when you don’t have your health and are sick your mind goes to such places.

We begin to look at our lives and see if we can make some changes. This is why I feel the Balance Protocol is so powerful of a frame work to serve as your tool box when its time to embrace the change.


Now there are two types of changes.

Internal changes and external changes


External changes being things brought about by political activism, changing technology, things like that. This great tradition of changing the world and improving the world around us. Examples are like some of my favorites….Thomas Jefferson, Fredrick Douglass, Nikoli Tesla, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs.


There is also internal change. That tradition of personal growth, physiological, as well as spiritual. That mechanism that people say, …..you know that the greatest change I can make is in myself and then I can bring more into the world.

Now for some people there is a contradiction between those two sorts of change. They say…I don’t want to be all self centered and all about me…I want to be more politically active in the world.

Basically,  feeling a level of guilt that tells them they need to work on external change. So for me, I reflected countless days on this. Turning a very strong self introspective view onto myself.

Often when we do that we start to feel guilty because we are doing all this work on ourselves and question why don’t we do this for others who may be less fortunate, hungry or so forth.

Of course if you want to help people….. do what your heart tells you to do. But don’t neglect the work on yourself. Because that is what is going to give you the clarity, the courage to know how to exert the right leverage at the right place at the right time to bring about the change you want to gift to the world.

So it’s not about either / or

Its about both.

Outward and inward.


Because after all, You are worthless to either sort of change if you are not a bearer of well being. You will be sabotaging your ability to do either. So if we want to work on ourselves where do we exert the right leverage? What is that comprised of?

Some people focus on fixing their inside. This is really popular in the metaphysical, and self help movements. How to change your thoughts, how to think more positively and so on.


So some work with the mind and emotions. To have just the right emotion at any time to make a change in the world. The emphasis I bring to it, can best be explained by describing two fundamental approaches to change or do what has to be done.

Now the first approach is very popular. Its goes something like this…


You first need to quiet your mind so you can create empowering beliefs, So you can then raise you’re self esteem so you can practice positive self talk, So you can then find your focus and affirm your power to free your emotions and visualize  positive outcomes, So you can then find the courage to generate the confidence to make the determination, To form the commitment to feel sufficiently motivated to do whatever it is you need to do.


Shhhweeww…sound good though huh? Now thats one approach.


I recommend the other approach, ….which is to Just do it.


Life always comes down to that. Whether is takes a few days, weeks, months or years. The question always remains before us….what will you do now in response to your circumstance. Because it seems to me that we have to look more closely at what we have control over and what we do not.

Can we control the thoughts we have in our mind? And can we change those? Let me ask you…how many of you ever read a book about positive thinking? And now how many of you have only had positive thoughts after reading those books?

So maybe if you read it twice, highlighted all the good stuff and done all the exercises….you would be like …maybe I too would be having more positive thoughts. We don’t often have control over thoughts that arise in our heads. We don’t have a spam filter in there. A ton of junk mail comes through.

That’s perfectly natural and part of life. Some times they are peaceful… sometimes they are negative. And Im ok with it….because I recognize that. The trick is, where to send those thoughts? To the trash bin or to a organized folder.

If you ever want to become obsessed about something….try really hard not to have a given thought about something all day. Isn’t it interesting that things we worry about….we worry about?


We just keep that trash on our front door and it just gets even more stinky the longer is stays there. How about our emotions can we control our emotions? If we could just will ourselves to not feel a certain way in any given moment then most self help books would be a page long.

They would just say…I recommend you feel happy the rest of your life. Thanks for reading.


I’ve done lots of lectures and seminars and people come up to me afterwards and say….wow.. Dr. Beck I feel so pumped and inspired from what you taught us today. I always grin and say….don’t worry…that will all pass. Because isn’t that true though?

Motivation rises and falls, Inspiration come and goes. The question remains….what will we do? What will we do? Now…how do we turn what we learn into actually what we do? Isn’t this the major challenge of our lives?


Let me give you and example…

Ok class participation again….Raise your hand if you knew or are at least are aware that its healthful to do regular moderate exercise almost everyday? Come on…just raising your hand will help blood circulate in your body.

So everyone knows it. Ok, now how many of you do moderate exercise almost everyday? So for some of you… you know its good for you …but…. you for what you feel are very good reasons….. like schedule and family members, work and so on….you haven’t found or made time to work it into your life.


Here is what I suggest you to do. Tomorrow when you get up I want you to do just one jumping jack. Then go about your day. The next day….just one jumping jack. Then the day after that…one jumping jack. At the end of 30 days or anytime in the future….if someone asks you…do you have a regular exercise routine? Go ..Yup. Sure do!

Now we may think that is silly and think…come on Dr. Beck, that is not going to give me any aerobic benefit, change my metabolic set point or a training effect. But its significant and ill tell you why.


First of all you made a resolution and stuck to it. You set aside a time of every day for your exercise routine. Now if you are the one who has already discarded the suggestion because you did a quick filter of perceived benefit then I’m willing to bet that you are also the sort that is not doing a ton of things you KNOW are healthful but don’t. Why? Because you are like so many others….you have no confidence in simple efforts being able to bring about powerful changes.

So lets keep going…

The second month you double your jumping jacks. Double your workout. YES!  A little of something is better than a lot of nothing. Its fine to dream big but start small. And then connect the dots Life can feel overwhelming when we are thinking bout the past and future.


I want you to remember something……The lesson is simple…….. The student is complicated.


By focusing less on trying to have just the right thoughts, just the right feeling or positive thoughts. If we focus more on what we actually have control over…such as how we move our bodies and what we spoon into our mouths. It will simplify your life.

Ever wake up and think omg…there are 100 things I have to do today? Well there is only one thing you have to do.

Open your eyes. Then sit up. Well unless you sleep sitting up. Then put your feet on the floor. One thing at a time.


My life is very busy. But I keep it simple because I know I can do one thing at a time. Be in the Here and the now. Breath and relax. Mark Twain said “I’ve many troubles in my life, many of which never happened”. We laugh because there is some truth there.

The light bulb needs to come on and know that most problems we feel we are experiencing are self created. Things about past and future,….. Regrets…. anxieties. The fact is they really only exist in our minds. Only as we define them and allow them to be falsely present.

Life comes at us in waves of change. But the great news is that we can become better surfers. We can control the quality of our moments. And the quality of our moments becomes the quality of our lives. The quality of what we feed our minds becomes the quality of our thoughts. The quality of what we feed our body become the quality of our cells.

Look…I realize that this can present a challenge. So was learning to tie our shoes. But…Once we got it we could from them forward….do it in the dark.

It’s not about fighting necessarily but about standing up inside of our self and tackling the issues of daily life, including health and our physical wellness. Which together is what I refer to as our well being.

I understand that I make it sound simple and you may think its really not. But guess what….it is. Its only when we do what I just talked about. We are the ones who falsely make things complicated. Its like when Morpheus says in the Matrix to Neo….“Stop trying to hit me and hit me”. The reason Neo couldn’t hit him is because he was over thinking it….assigning it as difficult solely because he had not convinced himself that he was capable.

He was the source of this own self limiting. So how do we, in a sound bite world, in a quick fix world, communicate to others and take the time for ourselves to do the deep introspective work necessary to live in balance?

Well, the Balance Protocol enables you to do that. It gives you the simple framework. This is because….We only live in any type of reality because we relegated ourselves to it. One of the primary tenets that I teach is that you are a category of one. That living is a school, daily life is our classroom, and that lessons repeat themselves until we learn them.

We’re here to learn life’s lessons. If we are being held back is school, its because we are not applying ourselves to it or we are not sufficiently understanding the foundational principles before trying to move onto bigger changes.

If you are doing all this trying to get healthier…trying to loose weight…putting all this effort into these poplar diets and keep coming up short. I say its because we are not mediating the change that we have full control over. And we do that because we haven’t realize how to define and recognize that which we have control over.

That my friends….will only come from living in balance…being in the present moment…seeing the things we miss when our minds are not still. We’re here to learn and we’re guaranteed to learn everything we really need from what we encounter in daily life. How many of us, for example have seen aspects of our self… We’re not too crazy about through a relationship difficulty?

Relationships teach us a lot about ourselves but so does taking on the voluntary adversity of doing a sport or training in physical ways or engaging in the world of business or raising children. All those things are forms of voluntary adversity in which we become wiser and stronger.

So there’s no secret or technique.

We are all learning. We are all gaining insight into ourselves in a more realistic way. Breaking through self-image to who we really are, seeing our shadow side if you will, those parts of ourselves we don’t recognize. By the way, I probably should mention one other primary fundamental tenet of this approach to living I call the Balance Protocol. That is there is no best diet, book, path, form of exercise, or anything else.


There is only the best for each of us at a given time of our life, so we have to recognize that life is an experiment. You have to find out what works best for YOU. You should always be encouraged to seek that which works for YOU. To hell with what “science” says. Science is like that “they”  or “everyone else” we always tried to leverage on our parents. Remember that?

We didn’t want our parents to deign us something we want so we said things like “thats what everyone else says”. That is what the term science has become these days. Which incidentally is a mantel that so many have hijacked and use as leverage to get others to give heavier weight to how they are telling you to live your life.


Don’t be suckered into that false leverage. No one studied you and the infinite variables that make up you. So just like I do…they can only and should only provide suggestions of options and navigation. Methods of using a framework in navigating your journey on the map of life.

You see, Life is a constant negotiation. We don’t get what we deserve, we get what we’re willing to negotiate and so it’s a constant experimentation. Nobody likes to hear that though.


They want formulas, slogans, methods and plans that are check lists of what they should do. I have patients who ask me all the time…and btw…they more times than not are the ones I mentioned earlier who don’t have it in their hearts that small efforts can bring powerful change.

They ask me to just give them a plan and write it all out and they vow to do it. Guess what….No they won’t. And no they don’t.


Just like a rental car. It’s not your’s and someone just made it available to you. You really don’t care if you spill your smoothie in the carpet. This is because they did not invest in themselves. They didn’t take their journey to know what works for them.


I can’t tell them. They have to produce it. I can provide guidance, I can education them, motivate them, inspire them…But the doing….they must do.

Anyway…but day to day, we get up in the morning, we experience things, we meet people, we interact, we learn about ourselves.

I often tell people, when I’m talking about meditation, when I’m giving courses in this. I say  “Meditation” is an exercise like doing push-ups. You gain certain benefits, different kinds of benefits mind you…and so..When you do push-ups you gain benefits. When you meditate you gain benefits. But the primary difference between meditation and doing push-ups is that you can’t pretend to do push-ups, but somebody can sit quietly, close their eyes and look like they’re meditating.

The point is we can mentally grasp things of the physical body. Yet things of the mind that we think are not tangible are much more difficult to modify. We come back to the physical level of life because that’s where we see ourselves most clearly.

I often use analogies to convey ideas when I describe how a process works or why someone should understand something would be beneficial. How a process is going from A to B to C to D rather than try to skip steps. Im a huge fan of what is called the Rule of Rigor.

That is the principle of doing things in the correct order even though it may seem to take more time. Because when we don’t we often find we didn’t get the best outcome and have to repeat the efforts over again anyway. All I do is remind people of what they already know at deeper levels but they tend to forget.

The point that is so critical especially, is that constant experimentation of self and there is no one right way. Using yourself and looking inwards for answers, rather than outwards is the key. If we think about it….we can all see that the nutrition/exercise dialogue is basically dominated by an argument of what is best with no reference to the individual at all.

Think about it!

You know Mark Twain once said “Beware of reading too many health books, you might die of a misprint”. Diet becomes a religion to people. There’s the Paleo diet, there’s the blood type diet, there’s the vegetarian people. There’s the all raw, vegan, eat only whats in season, locally grown, all these ideas. But I don’t believe in imposing a philosophy on those on those diets.

Why? Because all of those are possibly viable. They just very well maybe the correct method at the correct time of that individual. We have to go with our instincts, what works best for each us. There may be some general principles that are elegant about diet or exercise or anything else and yeah, I convey some of those, but they are general principles, they are like a suit of clothing we have to tailor to fit ourselves.


Ultimately  it really comes down to you in the end. Kind of like I mentioned at the beginning. That its ok to focus on you. For you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before others. I know there are lots of parents out there that are just like me and when the flight attendant tells us….remember….put the mask on yourself before your child.

We all have that split second where we struggle with that concept of..omg…Why wouldn’t I take steps to save my child over myself. Right?

Don’t get the intent of this example wrong. I’m NOT saying take of yourself and that’s it. And I’m not saying that is to be your focus and everything else is optional. I’m saying that the point is if you don’t take of you, you will not be able to continue taking care of those you want to take care of.

So , While that is potentially intimidating because we fell like we can’t look outside of ourselves, we can’t hope someone else will give us the answer. Its the most empowering view of the world when we do submit to ourselves as being the focus.

Because if we are the ultimate source, then we have control over the ultimate source, whereas, if it was outside of us well then we don’t have as much control? Right?

Let’s address that, this inside and outside.


It’s an arbitrary sort of distinction because most of us have heard that kind of age old saying, when the student is ready, the teacher appears and many people misunderstand that. They think that when they’re somehow deserving or prepared enough, someone like Bagger Vance will appear in their life to guide them or kick them up the path.

But actually what it means is, when the student is ready or actually be stated “paying attention to the outside and the inside”, then the teacher appears everywhere. We can learn valuable lessons from our friends, from our adversaries, from parents, from strangers, from our children, definitely from our spouse. It’s not about rejecting what we hear from the outside.

We’ve all learned valuable things from other mentors but we have to check it out against our inner knowing. Because we all hear things that just don’t click with us. They may be correct but not for us, maybe for someone else, so I don’t reject the outside at all, the so called outside, from a enlightened view.


There is no outside or inside, it’s just all us in this big experience of life but we have to check it out against our inner know and come to trust ourselves and say this maybe wise but is it true for me?

Now the most amazing and fascinating thing is the more you do this the greater levels of wellbeing  you will have manifest in your life. And it just keeps going up and getting better.

Over and over you practice healthful living and you will cause more healthful living to come into your view. Its’ the best ever! I promise.


There are three primary phases of life. There is childhood, adolescence, and maturity.


There are people interested in spiritual and personal growth who still have a child-like need and they need a parent figure so they look to a guru. They look to a leader, someone to tell them how to live and how to train and all these things and they’ve even entrusted to them all their power and wisdom and presumably they know everything and are never wrong and so that’s a child-like approach. It’s a natural phase of our learning.

I see this from new doctors coming out into the field of medicine from medical school. They are so staunch in their views of what is right and wrong as it pertains to what they were programmed as health. When in fact, they are woefully incorrect. What they learned was disease management and acute care. When something breaks…how to bandage it.

They don’t realize that they are simply just a buy product of a long string of years of being programmed to an entrenched establishment.

It’s not wrong any more than childhood is wrong but there is a time we grow out of the childhood phase. We become adolescents where we reject everything from the outside and we go “These fakes, they’re charlatans, they don’t know what they’re talking about. I know what’s “right” ….I know because I just had a season in my life that convinced me that I am. And that’s a phase we go through.

On a quick side note….you can always spot those in this level of adolescents because they claim that “science” mantle I spoke of earlier. They love to say words like “pseudo-science”, “tin hat” and “quack” and “snake oil”. They do that because they know there own position is so weak that it can not withstand debate. And just like teenagers….you can’t tell them anything.

But then reality sets in as we get out into the lone and dreary world. We find ourselves going…ummm……I didn’t see this in school. So then we get the little bug of adolescent rebellion that we self infect because its our protection mechanism. It’s a necessary phase, to throw off all the things we’ve heard and learned to find out from inside where we’re going but finally we reach a mature stage of life, where we take wisdom wherever we find it. But, we always check it out again, against our own instincts and find out what fits us. I hope that makes sense.


We progress along that maturity continuum, it seems like we just go from left to right on the continuum, but the further right we are, the more we start to see things as “both” rather than “either”. We begin to embrace the shades of gray. And of course THIS is where “Balance” is found. Both in physics and in life.


Intelligence has been defined as the ability to hold two apparently contradictory ideas or paradox in one’s mind at the same time. Even Carl Segan, the famous scientist said this will be basically a litmus test to indicate a great scientist from all the run of the mill ones. Because think about it… there are many contradictions.


We’re told “Birds of a feather flock together” but “Opposites attract.” …We are told “He who hesitates is lost” but “Look before you leap,” so in other words, there is wisdom all around that seems to contradict itself and we have to apply it in the moment. What is truest and works best for us.

So it’s not the burden of only looking inside or sitting there focusing on our breathing and going, “Where’s wisdom? Where can I find the answers?” The answers are out there. We can read good books. We can attend seminars. We can live the Balance Protocol. But, again it has to resonate with us and fit us.

Remember what I said earlier? About sometimes we engage in physical things, like sports and gave the example of push-ups because you can’t fake push-ups and in areas like sport where the rules are so clear we can get feedback and interact with the system more obviously.


Well, I want you to feel encouraged when it comes to eating and exercise and rest. Because while some of us may not be athletes or want to engage in athletics, when it comes to eating and exercise, those are very physical actions. They are very visceral actions and whether or not something is empowering us or not is quite clear.


However, a very common thing that seems like so often we get exposed to is , things we do or that rather we’re told to do to improve our health make us feel terrible. The most common example is people who just starve themselves, right? They are just going to stop eating food or I’m just going to start skipping meals and eat 100 calorie snack packs because it’s gonna help me loose fat, but you feel unhealthy, you feel terrible.

How can we turn inward and avoid being poisoned by approaches like that? This is tricky because there are certain approaches to health that some people explore. There are some that I educate patients on, that can present a challenge of feeling good while doing something that is supposed to make them feel good.

The answer is there is a balance. That balance understanding is that one does not have to adjust to the end point method or technique. They can build up within it. Let’s use fasting or detoxification for an example.


When I first started out, I learned fasting and I tried it and I had no problem at all until about 3 p.m. and I got starving and I got a headache and I got really grumpy but I was somehow able to get through it. I went to sleep about 10 o’clock and the next morning I ate, so I fasted for one day then I tried for three days then I did a five days then I fasted for seven days. It was an interesting area of experimentation. I learned how my body responded.

For me, it was an interesting thing because one of the things it did for me, was it caused me to really master mindful eating and really enjoying food at a greater level.  Of course, it did produce some healthier status changes for my skin, thoughts, and digestive system too. But hey, there are right times for the right people to fast. Children need to eat, they’re growing. It’s not good for children to fast. Pregnant, lactating women don’t need to fast.

In fact, fasting is not for everybody. Someone who is extremely active and very skinny body type may not do well on fasting, so again it’s one of those things you can experiment with or not but it is natural to feel kind of grumpy and detoxing if you’re not used to fasting.


Many of us can do a modified fast by eating only raw food, like raw vegetables and nuts and seeds and fruit. That is a modified fast and some people feel kind of yucky a little while on that and yet it is a cleansing kind of process. Such types of fasting are covered in the Balance Protocol matter of fact.

For the last several years, I haven’t done much fasting. I haven’t felt the need for it anymore but I tend to go one day a month, I go 24 hours. I eat breakfast then I don’t eat until breakfast the next day, not every week, I do it one day a month. Psychologically, it seems to have a benefit for me but it’s not something I teach patients is required to have optimal well being necessarily.

The point is to do it with a balance understanding of what the intent is. If you are fasting to loose weight. Then you are just starving yourself. Plain and simple. Its is an absolute myth that calories in calories out is the science of weight loss.

Its a felonious lie actually. Matter of fact, I’ll cover this topic extensively in up coming shows.

But if you fast because you want to give your digestive and eliminatory organ systems biology a small window of time off from the daily grind then yea…Get your fast on.

But be reasonable with yourself and know its ok to start of very modest and build up toward a full day without eating or a week of just veggies. These methods can prove to be extremely beneficial to the vast population.

We do need to trust our instincts but there are certain practices, for example, doing a lot of exercise that can make you tired. You may get achy, your muscles may ache the next day. Does that mean it was bad to do?

No, its part of the process, so we have to judge when feeling badly is just part of the process of growth and feeling badly is our body saying “This isn’t for you” but each of us has to make that decision. There is a difference.

It’s a wonderful distinction as exercise is a perfect example or even sometimes with certain medicinal practices where you need to feel what some would call discomfort before you get better. But I think we all know intuitively if we really turn our attention inwards to say, “Is this a productive discomfort or is this is a destructive discomfort?”

I’m more than confident that if we really look inwards, we can make that distinction pretty accurately. If something is not overall fun and enjoyable…its just not going to be sustainable and people WILL NOT do it. Regardless of the promised results.

I do think that some real vigilance must be applied because there are certain misguided coaches or teachers who tell people things like  “If you’re feeling horrible and you’re getting sick, it’s really good. It’s just cleaning you out.”

I really encourage you to move away from those people. They haven’t learned how to do things in the correct order. Hence, why the there are the 3 phases of the Balance Protocol. If you’re getting sick something’s out of balance.

Again people have different beliefs about that. I believe in checking out research and then filtering that research through YOUR internal locus of control.

Yeah I’m not anti-intellectuals. The scientific method pulled us out of the dark ages of superstition but science can become a fundamentalist religion of the left brain as well.

I go back to that central tenet of the Balance Protocol. You are a category of one.

For my science folks out there…it would be understood as n=1. For those who don’t get that …n is the indicator of how many people were in the study.

So despite what any science says….what will always trump some banner claimed by that hijacked term…”science”…..its YOU who can determine what is best for you.

Do not…and I repeat…do not EVER let someone tell you that you must do something because science says so. You and your personal story trump everything. Now the linear, and the logical, and the reason behind the way that I teach embraces both faith and reason, both science and the so called antidotal .

They each serve in their own way at their own time. I believe in science but we all know that one study tends to contradict another then a later study says we discovered something new.

Scientists are sincerely trying to find out how reality works and you know what? if there is something, some dietary substance, they can test it against a placebo, double blind and see if it actually works better than a placebo, so I’m not against studies.

We need to be well informed of the latest research but also to stay open-minded because some other study may contradict that. With some studies you’ve got to check out who paid for the study.

So some healthy skepticism even of studies and research is certainly warranted.  I cover this in my Good Science vs. Bad Science podcast.

Again it comes back to us for what works best for each of us; experiment. So often when I do a personal consults my patients say “Dr. Beck, I have a spiritual problem or I have an emotional problem, or a physical problem” but the first three questions I asked them to bring it down to earth is are these..


#1 Are you eating healthful?

#2 Are you doing regular exercise and play?

#3 are you getting enough rest?


So many issues that people have that they think are emotional, spiritual, and are troubled with this or that; ex. relationship, they’re lacking one, two, or all three of those areas and so my first advice often surprises people. The first thing I want you to do without worrying about all the internal variables and the complications of your life is start putting unprocessed, whole foods like they are created in nature into your mouth.

Then get your body moving doing regular, moderate exercise that works well for you. You have to find out what balanced exercise is for you. For some people, it’s twelve minutes a day. For some, it’s an hour.

Then you must get adequate rest. Many people think that’s less important than the first two but it’s not. It’s possible for some people to get too much sleep, others to get not enough. I believe in power naps during the day if you can make a time for it. If you’re sleepy at all during the day, take time for a power nap.


All three of those are the foundation and all the fancy approaches to health and diet and the green substances from a lake in the Andes and all that stuff, we can deal with later but those three are the holy trinity of health. So remember, You use those external studies that have been conducted but because there are infinite numbers of variables, you then integrate self-study to see if that would work for you.

Back to our earlier discussion on internal vs external change. So, you want to help other people?

Sure, do what your heart tells you but don’t neglect the work you need on yourself, the introspective work so you develop the clarity to know how to exert the right leverage at the right place, at the right time, then you can really be a help to people.

Making those internal changes and the external changes will manifest right before  your eyes. It happened to me and I’ve been seeking to do this every since.

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed todays topic as much as I did sharing it.

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