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Biochemical Individuality Based on Genetic and Environmental Uniqueness

According to Balance Protocol perspective, patient centered care presumes that each person is a unique individual with a singular genetic structure. My purpose as a Functional Medicine practitioner is to elicit and understand my patients’ uniqueness, including their life experiences.

These experiences are the context of the complex processes where environment merges with their genetic inheritance. We have seen with great anticipation the progression of thinking and instrumentation that has brought us closer to describing the probabilities and possibilities inherent in our inherited DNA templates.

We have come to understand that our DNA does set boundaries on individual performance. However, as the deterministic model of genetics breaks down, research has demonstrated a plasticity to genetic induction not appreciated earlier.

Important to Balance Protocol practitioners is the idea that lifestyle translates into quantifiable effects on health through the energetics of our biochemistry and genetics. These effects can lead to disease. As we more fully understand the web-like relationships between environment and genetic responses, we can develop individual programs that reliably reflect the unique needs of our patients.