The Balance Protocol is a clinical method of applying a systemized approach of achieving optimal well-being based on each individual persons biological individuality and genetic uniqueness.

It employs assessment and intervention to improve physiological/biological, emotional/cognitive, and physical/structural function. It utilizes a science-based systems biology called Functional Medicine that demands a person-centered approach to understanding the underlying interconnection of physiological factors and effects that influence health and the progression of disease. It incorporates the same functional principles and labs that exist in many conventional practices but focuses, as a special core method, on the principles of molecular medicine and modern nutritional biochemistry accompanied with dynamic lifestyle improvement. This is the future of medicine now. It will help you transform your health, and will contribute to the transformation of our sick care system to a truly health care system!

Often when I explain this to people for the first time they remark on how simple and obvious this seems. Why didn’t anyone explain it like that before? Well, there is a very large spectrum of actual reasons, but sufficed to say, the good news is that when you apply the Balance Protocol into your life you will naturally come to an understanding that what everyone seemed to miss was the, YOU. I knew as I developed this system that it had to be simple yet powerful. So lets get right to it! Let’s Live Life In Balance!


There are 5 fundamental principles or concepts that help navigate to the underlying causes of disease and that will help you achieve Balance. These concepts are the new roadmap in the landscape of health and disease and I will share them with you so you can apply them easily into your life.  Once you wrap your mind around these principles you will begin see through a new prism. It is essential that one embrace these truths so as to experience the power of the Balance Protocol.

BP Master Logo White BkgdOnce all 5 of the above principles are understood its is now time to put them all into action and expand your mind into understanding what you can do to get your life into Balance.  We will do so by implementing my numerical representation of the Balance Protocol or the 2-3-5-8 framework.

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