This revolutionary new way of thinking about health and disease will guide you toward something many people have given up on experiencing – Balance.

In my featured article Why live the Balance Protocol? , I explain how our current model of medicine ignores the real causes of disease. Below we will examine the 8 keys to Balance Protocol.

Our thinking about how we get sick is completely wrong. You can’t “catch” disease. You can’t “catch” cancer or heart disease, insomnia or depression. Our medical system is based on the idea that diseases just show up, like an unwanted visitor. That it’s unpredictable or just because its genetic. This may have seemed true 150 years ago when Louis Pasteur came up with the germ theory of disease and felt that there were germs out there and some people, by a stroke of bad luck, just “caught” them. There was not much you could do except hope that the germ (or disease) didn’t show up on your doorstep. Then we found a drug for the bug in antibiotics–and low and behold–modern medicine could finally do something about disease. In the 70 years since the discovery of antibiotics, we’ve been on a relentless search for a drug for every bug, a pill for every ill. The problem is, this completely ignores the real cause of disease.

The only way to get to the root of disease is to understand how your personal environment (your eating habits, stress, exercise, radiation, trauma and toxins in food, air and water) interacts with your genes to determine your state of health or disease.


  • We must understand how everything in our environment interacts with our genes to create health or disease, especially our diet and nutritional status.
  • Air, water, microorganisms, exercise, trauma, psychosocial factors, environmental toxins and radiation also affect our genes and our health
  • We must understand that our digestive system is at the core of our health, why it breaks down, and how to repair it.
  • Our inner tube accounts for almost 70% of our immune system. Keeping our digestive system in optimal condition has wide spread and powerful advantages.
  • We must understand how the mind interacts with the body and how the body interacts with the mind to influence and affect each of our other systems.
  • Understanding the effects and benefits of a peaceful and sharp mind transforms lives in so many way.
  • We must understand how most of  us have smoldering hidden inflammation that will kill us until we learn how to control it.
  • Virtually all disease states have a component of inflammation associated with them. it is quite easy to identify and correct inflammation so the body may repair itself.
  • We must strive to strengthen and encourage development of our largest physiological systems.
  • Every system in the body is influenced by structural movement. Without physical activity there would be very little need for the physiology of the body to perform its functions. Too much of it causes the body to breakdown and come under tremendous taxation.
  • We must understand the importance of energy–how we make it, why we lose it, and how to create more of it. This is what I term our “metabolic economy”.
  • There lays within your individual bio-chemistry very correctable and easily mediated reactions. These reactions have powerful responses to dietary intakes and physical exertions.
  • We must understand how our hormones and brain chemistry influence nearly every aspect of our health, why hormones get out of balance, and how to get them back in balance.
  • Contrary to popular belief, we do not have to surrender to a decline in our hormones just because of aging or our family history.
  • We must understand how toxins and problems with our detoxification or waste management systems lead to chronic health problems and how to optimize this detoxification system.
  • Without the proper and regular removal of the exogenous and endogenous toxic byproducts we are exposed to and produce, our cells are burdened with a vast array of damaging reactions.